Duval Leroy Premier Experience


What is the perfect way to experience Champagne while overseas travel is limited??..

Our Champagne Experience packs are the perfect way to "Travel" to Champagne :)

Defined by our desire to highlight the best of a particular House! not simply settling for its "most famous" or easily accessed Cuvee that may or may not be available in your local wine store. We'll start its Journey from France to you!

With style, substance and varietal differentiation we choose these particular Cuvees to elevate your experience and to assist the House of Duval Leropy to share their viticultural journey and story.

Our Package Comprises One (1) bottle of Each,

  • Duval Leroy Brut non vintage
  • Duval Leroy Brut Prestige Rose non vintage
  • Duval Leroy Femme De Champagne NV Cuvee

What better way to host an immersive dinner party or simply share a bottle or 3..