Bollinger Special Cuvee 3ltr Jeroboam

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There is no other non-vintage champagne as recognizable as that of Bollinger's 'Special Cuvee'. It is distinct, rich and powerful- often thought of as the 'red-wine drinkers' Champagne. It is style that does not compromise, and neither does the house of Bollinger as shown when they released their 'charter of quality'. Some of their key principles are 1. The first fermentation of the wines take place in small stainless-steel vats or in oak casks, 2. Some thirty crus from the marne department go into the composition, including a large proportion (80% minimum) of Grand and Premier Crus. 3.The blend relies especially on Pinot Noir. 4. In order to preserve consistency, 5-10% of reserve wines kept for 5-10 years in magnums stoppered with cork go into the composition of the blend. 5. The wine is aged in the cellar for a minimum of three years prior to shipping