Bollinger RD Recently Discorged 2004

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Celebrating the very best of Bollinger's holdings of 16 Grand and Premier Crus, Only the very best vintages are elevated to the level of Bollinger R.D.

Blending there exquisite Pinot Noir fruit (66%), paired with elegance and glam of its Chardonnay holdings (34%). 
Beautiful initial aromatics make way for texture and length, Citrus and smooth, charming minerality. Its very long maturation (more than four times longer than required by the appellation) allows for beautiful creaminess to arrive on the palate while persisting completely to the most balanced of finishes.

Bollinger R.D. is released to trade only a few months after it is disgorged, This "RD" recent disgorgement guarantees the remarkable freshness of the wine. As such Bollinger cellar master Gilles Descotes has urged new buyers of the recently released Bollinger RD 2004 to “taste it within a year of disgorgement”. however we certainly feel the life of this example is worthy of some cellaring and will continue to reward in the foreseeable future!

Overall Dosage is by design very low, being in the  “Extra Brut” category and with just 3 grams per litre. Expertly highlighted at there recent launch release & blind tasting in Brisbane we were able to sample a selection of previous RD vintage releases. What was surprising is the freshness and longevity the extra time on lees delivers, texture depth and boldness balanced by remarkable youthfullness and vivacity.

It is the Dosage that is critical in the context of this RD Champagne Release. to highlight this we were treated to a masterclass highlighting how with just a few grams extra of Dosage (5 & 8 g/l) we were treated to an entirely different tasting RD experience. Being caramalised and honeyed, an all round bolder example, showing much less vibrancy and freshness. the highter dosage samples lacked balance and was a fine way to identify the reason Cellar Master Gilles Descotes of Bollinger takes such time and expertise in "designing the perfect Balance" with its final lower Dosage level.