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Bollinger RD Recently Discorged 2008

Bollinger RD Recently Discorged 2008

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Bottle Size: 750ML
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Bottle Size: 750ML

Tasting Notes

The 2008 vintage is characterised by its remarkable precision and opulence.

The assembly of this 2008 vintage is composed of 71% Pinot Noir and 29% Chardonnay. A total of 18 crus can be find in the blending, mostly Aÿ and Verzenay for Pinot Noir and Le Mesnil-sur-Oger and Cramant for Chardonnay. The fermentation is entirely in oak barrels. Bollinger R.D. is sold just a few months after being disgorged, with a very low dosage known as “extra brut”, at just 3 grams per litre. The recent disgorgement guarantees the remarkable freshness of the wine.

The 2008 viticultural year: synonymous for an exceptional vintage

2008 was a year of unsettled weather: although cool spring temperatures lasted well into summer, the sun returned in time for harvest. Despite the changeable conditions, Maison Bollinger’s knowledge and expertise meant that they were able to keep their grapes in excellent condition, making 2008 an exceptional year marked by a bountiful yield of Pinot Noir. The wines were richly aromatic: the chardonnays were lively and powerful, and the pinot noirs were characterful and balanced

To the eye : A wine glimmering with golden reflections.

To the nose : Enticing aromas of marzipan, stewed apricots, honey and breadcrumbs accompany fresh notes of bergamot.

On the palate : A rich, precise mousse. Citrus notes are followed by flavours of Mirabelle plums and vine peaches. A very vivaciours wine which unfolds to reveal exceptional complexity. Notes of fresh hazelnuts and salinity combine to create an intense, everlasting finish.

Tasting recommendations

In order to showcase its unique style, we recommend serving Bollinger R.D. at a temperature of 12°C, then to appreciate the evolution of its aromas over the course of the tasting.
There are two different experiences possible.
- The first entails a discovery of Bollinger R.D. during the same year of its disgorgement. In this case, the wine expresses a specific aromatic range, with complex fruity notes.

- The alternative experience involves leaving Bollinger R.D. for several more years to mature in the cellar, which then reveals the depth of aromas characteristic of the finest vintages.



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