Club Tresors de Champagne - The "Special Club"

The 'Special Club' - representing the finest from the growers

Whenever you come across a 'Special Club' bottle - whether you have heard of the producer or not - grab it, as it's a gaurantee of quality, and is the finest example from that particular maker

The 'Special Club' concept started in 1971. A dozen wine growers from some old and respected families of Champagne had the idea to familiarize people with the originality of the “Champagne de Vigneron” (Champagne of wine grower), with releases from only the best & prestigious vintages.

In the beginning, they created an association called the “Club des Viticulteurs Champenois” and chose a bottle with a special shape created only for them.In 1988, they changed the bottle and the label. The current packaging has been the same since 1988. In 1999, the Club changed its name to “Club TrĂ©sor of Champagne”.

To be a member of this Club, Champagne producers have to elaborate their Cuvées in their own facility, meaning the pressing, bottling, ridding, disgorging, etc., have to be done at the domaine/estate. Then, only the Recoltants-Manipulants (Growers) are accepted.
There arec strict regulations that members of the 'Special Club' adhere to. Alcohol, acid, concentration and flavours are all parameters. The 'vin clairs' or 'wines in tank' are tasted by a panel of judges, and approval needs to be given to allow the bottling to proceed using the authentic squat Special Club bottle.

When the finished wine is ready for release, it is tasted again before it is allowed to be sold as the Special Club. If the wine fails the 'vin clairs' tasting, it needs to be used as reserve wine, or if already in bottle, opened, emptied and used as reserve wine.

Often the grower may fail the 'vin clairs' tasting, but only once has a grower been asked to empty all his bottles.

Members come and go and currently include

  • Vincent Joudart..
  • Gaston Chiquet..
  • A. Margaine..
  • Roland Champion..
  • Henri Goutorbe..
  • Fresnet Juillet..
  • Dumenil..
  • Salmon..
  • J. Lassalle..
  • Launois PĂšre et Fils..
  • Pierre Gimonnet et Fils..
  • J.M.Goulard..
  • Hervieux Dumez..
  • Marc HĂ©brart..
  • Grongnet..
  • Forget Chemin..
  • Larmandier Pere et Fils..
  • Paul Bara..
  • NominĂ© Renard..
  • JosĂ© Michel et Fils..
  • Loriot-Pagel..
  • Juillet Lallement..
  • Vazart Coquart et Fils..
  • Charlier et Fils..
  • Mouzon-Leroux et Fils..
  • Sanchez-Le Guedard..
  • Champagne MoussĂ© Fils..