Laherte Les Empreintes ZD

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This is a 'nature' Cuvee, and the malolactic has been blocked. Zero dosage, this 'fingerprint' cuvee is the essence of the terroir of Chavot. The style and varietal mix maychange from year to year - it is purely designed as an expression of the very best terroir of the village of Chavot from a specific vintage. Currently, the footprint is of the 2007 vintage. Aurelian Laherte does not allow this wine to rest for three years to allow 'vintage' labelling. He is seeking to capture the pure 'terroir' aspects of the best and oldest vineyards of Chavot and is not interested in hiding this with bottle maturation chracteristics. Fermented in barrel, and aged for six months with regular stirring of lees. White fruits and weight, amazing power and finesse. 40% Chardonnay (planted 1957), 40% Pinot noir (planted 1983), and 20% Pinot Meunier (planted 1965).