Krug Vintage 2004

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The house of Krug only produce a vintage wine when they believe that the year has its own unique personality and expression.

Krug have nicknamed the vintage "Luminous Freshness" Combining 39% Chardonnay delivering delicate citrus, white flowers and ultimately its elegance and charisma. Krugs unique backbone of the best Pinot Noir to deliver delicious dark berries, quince, and subdued honey and brioche, amazing structure is its legacy. Leaving a 24% share of Meunier which has an extremely important role to play in this particular vintage blend, delivering tension and vivacity, fruit full character, vibrancy and prestige.

 Depth, character and structure not unlike famous vintage years of the past ensures the 2004 will live on for many moons, and as noted in some recent vintage reviews, the vineyards appeared to bounce back from 2003 where many vineyards were ravaged by rain and then significant heat. 2004 follows in line of many great vintages past and will continue to reward those who pass before her!

Recently tasted and rated 99 Points & Top 100 Wines of the Year : James Halliday