Henri Giraud Esprit Blanc de Blanc


Pure Chardonnay fermented in a thermo-regulated vat over whole lees.A fresh aspect, with a beautiful golden yellow colour, touched by light green highlights. Its fine bubbles dance a lively, joyous ballet.The foam resembles a crystalline crown.Preserved citrus fruits, fresh hazelnuts and, above all, the fine fragrances of spring flowers and acacia, mock orange and honeysuckle which offer a magnificent bouquet of great restraint and distinction.

Then, its character expands, becoming riper and more exotic, revealing pineapple, lychee, roses and almonds, as well as toasted aromas.A few minutes later, the terroir emerges, mineral hints of limestone and iodine.In the mouth, the initial impact is very fresh, frank and savoury, without a hint of 'bite'?, and this is accompanied by an uplifting and 'crispy' effervescence.

The finish is particularly distinct and mineral (limestone). It has great length, leaving a pleasant sensation that is both acidulous and chalky. Its aromatic finesse becomes delicacy and its rectitude becomes purity; added to this is the lively, exuberant and tender sparkle. A wine best served at 8'C, to drink on its own, with friends, for a festive occasion or to accompany a gastronomic moment. In this case, go for light dishes with fairly firm texture or dry dishes. Salt also poses few problems. This means you could consider grilled fish, shellfish, pastry-based dishes, dry cheeses (goat, parmesan), etc.