Duval-Leroy Femme de Champagne 2000


A Champagne from a remarkable vintage, viticultural dedication and house lineage. Sensational aging ability is truely rewarding those who strive to experience a grand vintage champagne. Chardonnay delivering over time, where so many have fallen short. A great example of what many consider a "Lofty Pinnacle" of vintage and varietal Character.
"The rounded, succulent summer yellow fruits and figs that are representative of the warm 2000 vintage are evolving more slowly than anyone expected, Still Flaunting beautiful curves years after release, and introducing new layers of mature complexity in gingernut biscuits, mixed spice, honey, and even the subtle note of green olive that typifies many mature Cote des Blancs chardonnays. The deep-set mineral presence of grand cru chardonnay stands undeviated by the passage of time, with wonderful salty, sea-foam mineral texture churning, frothing and gliding very long on the finish" -96Pts Tyson Stelzer's Champagne Guide 2014-2015 & 97Pts Tyson Stelzer's Champagne Guide 2016-2017 when revised