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Bollinger RD 2002


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By purchasing The 2002 R.D. Bollinger you are securing another superb wine in the long line of R.D's. Now celebrating 50 years from when Madame Lily Bollinger first held back her vintage wines to later release them, they have once again delivered the much famed vintage RD. 12% ALC


A little advice from the house of Bollinger;

Bollinger R.D. will enhance all gourmet cuisine but its aura is such that it creates a special occasion on its own.
In order to fully appreciate its unique style, bouquet and aromas, it is best served between 8 and 10øC, or more.
Bollinger R.D. can be enjoyed right away to appreciate the exceptional freshness due to its recent disgorging; you may also choose to let it mature further: its ageing potential is endless.

Aromas of stewed ripe fruit, particularly quince, but also a discreet note of honey. Followed by roasted notes and cocoa, which give way to flavours of star anise and nutmeg. On the palate its a Full-bodied attack. Powerful but well-balanced, with persistent flavour. Mineral finish with touches of lemon revealing a pleasing bitterness.

Blend of the 2002 vintage

60% Pinot Noir, 40% Chardonnay 23 crus: 71% Grands crus, 29% Premiers crus
Only the very best among vintage champagnes become Bollinger R.D.: 2002 is definitely one of the most promising vintages of the last decade.


A very long maturation, more than three times longer than required by the appellation, for an infinite array of flavours: a true wine alchemy.


Very low: "Extra Brut", 3 to 4 grams per litre.

R.D. stands for R‚cemment D‚gorg‚, recently disgorged: Madame Bollinger created this legendary vintage in 1967, giving the world the opportunity to taste a champagne aged on lees for an exceptionally long time. Her great vision? Enabling knowledgeable wine connoisseurs to share a very special moment, when very recently disgorged wine is as fresh and aromatic as ever.

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