Louis Roederer Vintage Trio Selection (9-10-11)

$375.00 $335.00

Louis Roederer Vintage Trio comprising 1 x vintage 2009 Brut and 1 x Vintage 2011 Rose and the widely acclaimed Blanc De Blanc 2010

Both the Rose and Brut possessing renowned Pinot Noir characters and the finesse and clarity with the addition on Chardonnay, highly desired in the "combining" of each vintage example and to return a highly delectable outcome.  Pinot noir provides defined structural backbone for the Chardonnay which shines and provides an elegant & harmonious outcome desired in the vintage assembly of fruit parcels and variety. 

Louis Roederer's Rosé 2011 is a blend of 63% Pinot Noir and 37% Chardonnay, it presents a highly concentrated, elegant and precise example of Rose interpretation. Purity of house expression and freshness so many rose champagnes seem to lack.

The Accompanying Blanc de Blanc may be best served as the introduction to the Trio as it positions itself perfectly with entree's and canape's alike! 

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