Duval-Leroy Organic Brut NV

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Duval-Leroy Organic Brut NV, 66% Chardonnay and 34% Pinot Noir from 100% organic vineyards

The conservation, the enrichment and the protection of the nature are part of the ethics of the House. The cuvée Brut*, an "ideological" wine, feeds in vineyards cultivated with respect for nature. This wine has obtained an Ecocert organic certification that meets international standards and specifications. This wine has a great smoothness and is adorned with a green gold robe illuminated by slow, thin bubbles leaving a lively sensation in the mouth.

The winemaking process, partially using vats and oak barrels, preserves the grapes’ initial characteristics and at the same time develops high levels of concentration and a strong identity, while at the same time giving rise to a refined wine whose bouquet releases a pure, crystalline expression. This unctuous wine has a green-gold colour, illuminated by slow, fine bubbles which leave a remarkable tingling sensation in the mouth.

To choose Duval-Leroy’s Cuvée Brut* is to enjoy a wine produced from organic viticulture, and to benefit from the quality and expertise of a great Maison de Champagne.

 *Wine produced from organically cultivated grapes, certified by Ecocert – FR-BIO-01